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Our expertise

As a metal processing company, DS Metaal has built up knowledge and experience in a wide range of specializations in recent years.

Everything literally happens under one roof. 


Our specialized sheet metal working department guarantees accuracy and precision. From laser cutting, brushing (edge deburring and rounding) to bending, edging and folding, we offer you tailor-made sheet metal working services that meet the specific requirements of your project. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your sheet material is transformed into high-quality components.


By centralizing sheet metal working, robot welding and machining under one roof, we minimize logistical complexity. This results in seamless coordination between different processes, shortening the turnaround time of your project. You no longer have to coordinate multiple suppliers - at DS Metaal we take control.


If you are looking for a partner in complex sheet metal processing and/or machining in combination with robot welding, at DS Metaal we offer tailor-made solutions that are perfectly tailored to your project requirements. Our experienced professionals and advanced equipment guarantee results that meet your expectations.


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Our expertise

Below you will find an overview of our expertise. For detailed information, please click on the corresponding icon. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you would like more information or if the expertise you are looking for is not listed.

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