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Our expertise

As a metal processing company, DS Metaal has built up knowledge and experience in a wide range of specializations in recent years.

Everything literally happens under one roof. 


We are proud of our core activities and strive to exceed expectations. In addition to our core activities, we therefore offer additional logistics services to our valued partners.

Just in Time Delivery:

We understand the importance of on-time deliveries and strive to meet your specific needs. With our Just in Time Delivery we ensure that your products are in the right place at the right time, making your production process run smoothly.


Inventory management:

To efficiently support your business process, we maintain stocks for you. These stocks may consist of finished products, parts and semi-finished products. In this way we guarantee constant availability of the necessary materials for your business operations.



Correct packaging is essential, both during storage and transport. Our expert and experienced team ensures that your products arrive at their destination safely and in optimal condition. We understand the importance of accuracy and care when packaging your goods.



With our own fleet we offer maximum flexibility in the transport of your products. We strive for efficiency and reliability, so that you can concentrate on your core activities, knowing that the transport of your goods is in good hands.


DS Metaal strives to provide a fully integrated solution, where we not only excel in our core activities, but also in providing high-quality logistics services. Contact us to discover how we can further optimize and simplify your production process.



More information about

Our expertise

Below you will find an overview of our expertise. For detailed information, please click on the corresponding icon. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you would like more information or if the expertise you are looking for is not listed.

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Serial welding work

Complex welding work

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