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Our expertise

As a metal processing company, DS Metaal has built up knowledge and experience in a wide range of specializations in recent years.

Everything literally happens under one roof. 

Robot welding: our passion for your benefit for 30 years!

Robot welding is our specialty. Especially for repetitive and complex welding work. More than 30 years of experience guarantees high-quality and certified welding products. From individual parts and ready-to-install components and/or modules to completely assembled and tested end products.

The development of robot welding never stands still and offers more and more possibilities. This allows us to use welding robots for more and more products. Setting up welding robots has been simplified over the years, so that even small series can now be produced efficiently with robots. Among our 12 welding robots, two robots have been implemented with a tandem welding process that allows us to weld up to 4 times as fast.

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Mechanical processing of welded assemblies: a unique combination!

DS Metaal has a number of large CNC processing machines in the machining department. With these machines we can post-process welded products to meet the required tolerances. We ensure perfect pre- and post-processing with milling, boring and drilling. We can effortlessly process product dimensions up to 1800x800mm. No extra transport, short lines and the right expertise in-house!

DS Metaal processes serial repetitive compositions. This means that we repeatedly carry out our production according to a set process, in order to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.
By working in series, we can shorten our lead time, improve the quality of our products and reduce our costs per product. This allows us to work quickly and accurately, while still maintaining high quality standards.

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Our expertise

Below you will find an overview of our expertise. For detailed information, please click on the corresponding icon. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you would like more information or if the expertise you are looking for is not listed.

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