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Our expertise

As a metal processing company, DS Metaal has built up knowledge and experience in a wide range of specializations in recent years.

Everything literally happens under one roof. 

Complex welding work

Where human precision and technological innovation come together

Our dedicated team of certified welders is ready to realize your complex welding work of high quality, specializing in MIG, MAG and TIG welding. With us, complex welding work is not only carried out by experienced certified welders, but we go one step further with advanced oneslasrobots that meet the highest industry standards. DS Metaal provides advanced services in the field of complex welding work, where precision and technological innovation come together.


Our certifiedlasrobots are the basis of our ability to carry out complex welding jobs with unprecedented accuracy. These automated systems are managed and monitored by expert and certified welders, ensuring a seamless integration of human expertise and technological precision.


The use oflasrobots offer us the ability to process complex welding positions with unprecedented efficiency and consistency. These machines are capable of operating in very tight tolerance environments, where human access may be limited. This allows us to handle the most challenging welding jobs with ease.


Our certified welders contribute to the quality and reliability of our welding work. The synergy between advanced technology and human skills enables us to consistently deliver high-quality welding work.


Whether it concerns large-scale industrial projects or specific precision requirements, we are your partner for complex welding work that meets the highest standards. Choose the perfect combination of advancedlasrobots and certified welders for your next welding challenge.


We are committed to adhering to strict procedures and standards to consistently deliver high-quality results. The confirmation of the correct use of procedures and knowledge through audits of renowned OEM companies emphasizes our pursuit of excellence in welding.

Our working method is designed to meet the highest standards, and this is regularly confirmed by audits of both nationally and internationally operating OEM companies. These audits confirm time and time again that our commitment to excellence in welding is not just a promise, but a fact.

We are ready to work with you on sustainable solutions and unparalleled quality in welded connections.


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Our expertise

Below you will find an overview of our expertise. For detailed information, please click on the corresponding icon. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you would like more information or if the expertise you are looking for is not listed.

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Serial welding work

Complex welding work

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