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At DS Metaal we specialize in the production of custom-made metal parts and products for OEMs. We adapt flexibly to the specific needs of our customers. Our ideal products are manufactured according to customer wishes and specifications and meet the highest quality standards. In short, we are the ideal partner for OEMs who are looking for reliable, flexible and high-quality suppliers of metal parts and customized products.

Customized partnerships

DS Metaal understands that an efficient and effective production process is essential for the success of your company. That is why we offer our customers complete and integrated cooperation, where we act as a complete partner in the chain.

Whether you are looking for customized solutions, the latest (robot) welding technologies or simply excellent products and service, DS Metaal has everything to take your production process to a higher level. We have a modern machine park, including machining, (robot) welding and sheet metal processing, with which we can offer a wide range of services.

Our many years of expertise and experience in metalworking enable us to offer tailor-made solutions that are fully tailored to your specific needs. By working closely with our clients, we can deliver the best products that meet their requirements. We are ready to help you optimize your production and reduce your costs!

Customized make-to-order and make-to-stock solutions

As DS Metaal we offer our partners the opportunity to choose between make-to-order and make-to-stock production, depending on their specific needs and wishes.  



With make-to-order production, we only produce a product after the customer has placed an order and the specifications have been confirmed. This allows us to fully adapt products to customer wishes and offer a wide range of materials and production methods.


With make-to-stock production, we produce products in advance and keep them in stock, so that they are immediately available as soon as an order is received. This results in shorter delivery times and less risk of delays in production or delivery. This method is ideal for products with high demand and stable demand patterns, where the customer wants to be delivered quickly. 

​Withmake-to-order andmake-to-stockDS Metaal offers flexible and reliable production solutions, allowing us to provide our customers with products and delivery that meet their specific needs and wishes.

Continuous improvement

By promoting a culture of continuous improvement, DS Metaal remains flexible. Can we adapt to changing market demands and remain competitive? 


Continuous improvement aims to improve efficiency, quality and overall performance. Our partners expect this from us and we are convinced that this is the strength behind our long-term partnerships. Important facets of continuous improvement at DS Metaal are:

Quality control and assurance:

Regular inspections and audits to minimize defects and ensure product consistency. 

Process optimization:

We focus on bottlenecks, inefficiencies and bottlenecks and search  for ways to optimize this.

Continuous feedback and communication:

We encourage employees to share ideas and feedback on how processes can be improved. After all, they have a good overview of daily processes. This leads to valuable insights and even innovative solutions.

Supply Chain Optimization:

We work closely with reliable and regular suppliers to optimize the supply chain.

Technology Integration:

We implement advanced technologies, automation and digital systems to monitor processes, collect data and gain real-time insights.

Training and development 

Our team has the right certificates and expertise to carry out the most complex welding work. Naturally, we provide training and development for employees to continually learn new skills and techniques that increase productivity.

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