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DS Metaal has the best solution
for complex welded assemblies

Perfection requires experience

Welding, machining and sheet metal working under one roof!


The benefits of all machining processes under one roof.

We offer a unique combination of machining, sheet metal working and welding, all under one roof and supported by our extensive knowledge and experience. This enables our customers to achieve efficiency benefits you won't find anywhere else.

  • One-stop shop:
    Our customers do not have to contact multiple suppliers for the different machining processes. DS Metaal does all the processing in-house, which saves time and effort.

  • Improved communication:
    Reducing the number of parties involved ensures clearer communication. Customers can easily convey their requirements and expectations to us, which reduces the chance of errors.


  • Efficiency and speed:
    Because DS Metaal carries out all machining processes in one location, projects can be completed faster. Our customers do not have to wait for different deliveries from different suppliers, resulting in significantly shorter lead times. 


  • Quality control and consistency:
    DS Metaal applies consistent quality standards across all machining processes. Our customers experience the consistency and reliability of the delivered products.


  • Combined solutions:
    Our customers can benefit from integrated solutions. For projects that require welding, machining and sheet metal processing, DS Metaal can offer a total solution through its internal seamless collaboration.


  • Cost reduction:
    By outsourcing all machining processes to DS Metaal, customers can benefit from economies of scale and lower total costs. Our customers benefit from our cost efficiency on internal costs, which can result in more competitive prices for the customer.


  • Trust and reliability:
    DS MetalJust like its customers,  benefits from consistent quality throughout all product processing processes. Our customers naturally also experience confidence in our internal quality requirements, efficient services and reliable internal communication.


  • Partnership:
    DS Metaal understands that an efficient and effective production process is essential for the success of your company. That is why we offer our customers complete and integrated cooperation, where we act as a complete partner in the chain. The majority of our customers are OEMs.

“DS Metaal is a good and reliable welding company. It forms a strong link in our supply chain. DS Metaal has been our regular supplier for more than 25 years for, among other things, robot welding up to and including the assembly of our heavy steel hinged belts."

Mayfran Limburg b.v.


At DS Metaal we specialize in the production of custom-made metal parts and products for OEMs. With over 30 years of experience, we know what a partnership with an OEM means. We think along and invest in requirements that a long-term collaboration entails. We are active for OEMs in several industries. 

Essential matters such as quality management, cost control, reliability and delivery are of course in good hands with us. Other important pillars in our partnerships are:

  • Capacity and scalability
    In terms of capacity and scalability, we are able to meet the demands of our customers. Our flexibility and adaptability have proven to be essential in collaboration with our customers.

  • Technical cooperation
    Where necessary, our engineers are able to provide technical support and expertise. 

  • Further development
    Continuous improvement is an important pillar in our business operations. Where we see the opportunity for quality improvement or efficiency gains, we implement this. Like thiscreated we have a WinWin more than once. 


In short, we are the ideal partner for OEMs who are looking for a reliable, flexible and high-quality supplier of custom metal parts and products.

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