Just in Time

Logistic processes play a more and more dominant role within production and/or assembly companies. The availability of the right amount of the necessary raw materials and materials, in time and in the right form, determines to a large extent the efficiency of a total production process. To improve their competitiveness, companies have an increasing attention for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Minimum stocks are still a proven method to provide the need of materials. The disadvantage of this approach however is that it seizes the working capital of a company, while the company prefers to use its working capital for future-oriented activities.

‘Just in time’ delivery contracts bring lots of lighting in this area, especially for companies with fixed production schedules, larger series and little or no variations in it.


For companies working with small series and some variations in the execution, other needs apply. For these companies we offer a QRM-solution.

QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) is all about time and flexibility. lt is a strategy, which aims to optimize operational efficiency by increasing the response speed and flexibility of the organization, with considerably shorter lead times in the whole chain as an ultimate result.

QRM is the demand-driven producing of relatively small quantities and relatively many variations. We can offer you the logistics model you wish and are able to take care of all
your concerns in the field of logistics.


In combination with our Production and Engineering disciplines our logistics competence is your key to success.

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